Promoting good governance and positive social impact

We operate safely, and deal ethically with our communities and partners. Our ability to operate sustainably is hinged on our responsibility to our people and communities, which is entrenched in our values and the way we operate.


Corporate Social Responsibility

“We believe individual participation is critical to making a greater social impact.”

At Asharami, Corporate Responsibility is not just a corporate or organizational function; it is also “personal”. The personal ingredient is a key component of our social interventions.

In line with our culture, Individual staff take part in a variety of sustainability based interventions and stewardship activities which are either directly implemented by the company or as a multilateral project with other agencies.

Our host communities are critical to our success and they form an intrinsic part of us. Our closeness with our communities underpins the importance of the impact we make and the scale of our achievements

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our Areas of Focus


A firm commitment to promoting healthcare delivery across our locations is one of the focal areas of our social interventions.

Over the years, we have impacted over 30,000 beneficiaries in our host communities through cancer awareness and screening programmes, Primary Health Care Centre upgrades (Ijora and Ibafon Primary Health Center), Anti-Malaria Campaigns and donation of Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets to communities and Community Sanitation Campaigns, among other interventions.


Our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment is unwavering. We constantly review our operations to ensure compliance with global environmental impact standards, working in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

Our environmental sustainability initiatives are driven by responsible waste management; the promotion of Green Energy projects and advocacy projects aimed at stimulating the support and participation of our host communities in our#ProtectingMyEnvironmentStartsWithMe” campaigns.

Education & Capacity Building

Education and improved human capacity play a critical role in enhancing economic development and prosperity. We provide platforms that promote capacity building through infrastructural upgrades in educational and vocational institutions and by increasing the access of youths, especially the indigent and underserved, to education through various scholarship programmes.

Some past intervention includes the Renovation of a Guidance and Counselling Centre in Eko Akete Secondary School in Lagos Island(, Upgrade of the Community Vocational Centres in Surulere and Oshodi, all (in Lagos and scholarship programmes for indigent children in our host communities (Ibafon Community).

Through these interventions, over 10,000 young people have been impacted directly.

Sustainable Community Development

We stop at nothing to ensure the relevance and sustainability of our interventions through periodic engagements with stakeholders to ascertain critical areas of need. In additions, such engagements produce collaborative models that determine responsible parties for ensuring seamless delivery of the interventions, with emphasis on sustainability.

This partnership approach is in keeping with the requirement of the Sustainable Development Goal 17 which highlights the vital way that the extrapreneurial model of Sahara Foundation helps ensure that we create and sustain wealth everywhere we find our footprints.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

In Asharami, our Environmental, Social and Governance framework guides our responsibility to our people; our society, and our environment towards the larger goal of building a sustainable business.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities within the remits of our compliance requirements, for ensuring the safety of our people, prevention of work-related injury and ill health, reduce risk to human health and the environment by effective control on pollution, waste and emission.

Corporate Governance

Asharami Synergy has developed its corporate governance framework and business principles to be focused on People, Conduct, Society and Environment. Our corporate governance structure is based on the principles of Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency using well-articulated mechanisms to embed them in our three levels of governance operations – Strategic (Board of Directors), Operational (Executive Management) and Application (Employees).

We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance while taking into cognizance the expectations of our stakeholders.

  • We treat people with fairness, respect and decency
  • We develop our employees and encourage them to reach their potential
  • We provide healthy, safe and secure work environments
  • We act with integrity, fairness and transparency
  • We comply with legal, regulatory and license requirements in every industry in which we operate
  • We work to ensure that neighbouring communities benefit from our presence on an enduring basis
  • We support human rights within our areas of influence
  • We make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment
  • We go beyond compliance with local environmental regulation by ensuring we meet internationally accepted best practices
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