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Asharami Synergy offers value for money with ‘diesel to your doorstep’ initiative

Sep 01, 2020 | Lagos, Nigeria


Asharami Synergy, a Sahara Group Downstream Company has launched the “Value for money” campaign to give all classes of customers and consumers convenient access to safe, reliable, and top-quality diesel.

The campaign, according to Foluso Sobanjo, Acting CEO, Asharami Synergy, will reinforce the gold standard in diesel supply to protect the well-being of customers, their assets as well as the environment, while ensuring great value for money.

Sobanjo said the campaign was an emphatic response from Asharami Synergy to raise the bar of quality that would enable the sector stamp out the activities of agents involved in the proliferation of sub-standard petroleum products. “As a leading company in the sector, Asharami Synergy is delighted to lead the charge for global standards in the market for diesel supply. We are empowering our customers to do and achieve more with our diesel because we uphold the philosophy of getting value for money,” he stated.

According to him, the campaign will cover various themes including, safety, convenience, quality, reliability, performance, and environmental sustainability. ‘We are using our ‘value for money’ campaign to create awareness and give the buying public the diesel option that ensures peace of mind. We are leveraging our pedigree as a Sahara Group company and our several International Standard Organisation certifications to reposition the sector for a greater level of transparency, corporate citizenship and competitiveness.”

Sobanjo said Asharami Synergy continues to supply diesel to the doorstep of our customers through its door-2-door delivery initiative which promotes convenience, safety, and competitive pricing in the delivery of diesel in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

“Our Door-2-Door initiative has been commended by customers and industry analysts as a foremost hitch-free diesel supply solution to consumers. Not only do our customers trust our diesel because of its quality, nothing beats the pleasure they get from receiving exceptional service from the comfort of their homes or business locations. Consumers can access the service placing orders via the Asharami Synergy website, or call the hotline on 08159090236 to order,” he added.

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