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Value for Money Campaign as a Consumer Engagement Drive

Sep 24, 2020 | Lagos, Nigeria


As part of its efforts to promote quality product offering, Asharami Synergy, a Sahara Group Downstream Company has introduced a campaign to educate consumers on quality products and how to avoid low quality diesel. Raheem Akingbolu writes.

Most advertising campaigns are meant to achieve two things; educate the public and strengthening relationship with consumers. By so doing, the brand owner is simply preparing patrons of the brand to be capable of making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing products in a consumer culture.

In a country where stakeholders’ concern is on how to curb the activities of the perpetrators of adulterated products, it is always the joy of consumers to see companies leading the campaign against the abnormal development. That is why the recently unveiled ‘diesel to your doorstep’ initiative by Asharami Synergy, a Sahara Group Downstream Company, has continued to generate excitements in the market place. Through, the ‘Value for Money’ campaign, the promoters of the brand are championing the course of originality and impressing on diesel consumers the place of “gold-standard in quality’.

Besides, the company is telling consumers that whether they buy from its stations or through on-demand, straight-to-your-doorstep delivery service, they (consumers) can be sure always getting the exact quantity they pay for because the company’s tanks and trucks are accurately calibrated .

With the teaser; do you get value for money from your diesel? Which is a common statement among the promoters of the brand, one is not in doubt that Asharami Synergy has something better to offer in terms of quality. In a country, where most businesses depend on alternative power supply, Diesel is mostly the beck and call product that all depend on to maintain seamless productivity for individuals and businesses alike. To this end, it is believed that adulterated or substandard diesel products will cause havoc for engines as well as wrecking businesses.

With its determination to rid the market of fake products through provision of quality and genuine diesel supply and creation of awareness, Asharami Synergy is once again proving to be at the forefront of providing Nigerians with reliable fuel solutions and protecting the buying public from low quality diesel
As one of Nigeria’s foremost diesel suppliers, this commitment to provide consumers the compass to quality diesel product is another testament to its continuous drive for high quality product and sustained consumer satisfaction.

The “Value for money” campaign, according to company, aims to give all classes of customers and consumers convenient access to safe, reliable, and top-quality diesel. The campaign is with the understanding that for any diesel engine to function properly, it must be supplied with high quality fuel, as this is an important part in maintaining the performance, reliability, and usable life of all diesel engines.

Foluso Sobanjo
Ag. MD, Asharami Synergy

Meanwhile, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the company, Foluso Sobanjo, has pointed out that Asharami’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety earned it the respected ISO 9001:2015 certification.

“This means that our processes comply with customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements on an international level”, he had said in a statement.

To deepen the campaign, the management has cleverly itemised some of the copies the campaign intends to promote, which include: “Get your diesel with peace of mind”, “Get diesel with a gold standard in quality”, “No near misses with our diesel”, “Get diesel with high performance”, “Top diesel for smart people”, “No long epistle with our diesel”, “Get Reliable diesel delivered to your doorsteps”, and “Never settle for less diesel”.

Speaking on the campaign as a consumer education initiative, Sobanjo stated that it will create a sustainable awareness among consumers that will make the public insist on the gold standard in diesel and culminate in the well-being of customers, their assets as well as the environment, while ensuring great value for money.
The Acting CEO further added that said the campaign was an emphatic response from Asharami Synergy to raise the bar of quality that would enable the sector stamp out the activities of agents involved in the proliferation of sub-standard petroleum products.

He said: “As a leading company in the sector, Asharami Synergy is delighted to lead the charge for global standards in the market for diesel supply. We are empowering our customers to do and achieve more with our diesel because we uphold the philosophy of getting value for money,”.

Speaking on the company’s door-2-door delivery initiative, which stakeholders believe that it promotes convenience, safety, and competitive pricing in the delivery of diesel in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, the CEO said the company would continue to supply diesel to the doorstep of the company’s customers through initiative to further ease distribution. In the meantime, the Door2-Door initiative has been commended by customers and industry analysts as a foremost hitch-free diesel supply solution to consumers. The beauty of the initiative goes beyond the issues related to quality but easy accessibility and customer service engagement that accord to consumers a king status.

However, with the new initiative and the company’s consistent engagement to strengthening relationship with consumers, it is saved to conclude that the brand is well positioned to set standard in the market.

Credit: ThisDay

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