Asha Engine Oil – Top of the line super performing Lubricant

Asha Engine Oil is our top-of-the-line engine oil and special lubricant for cars, motorcycles and other multipurpose vehicles. Asha oil provides extra protection for vehicles and other moving machinery.

Asha Crest

Asha crest is superior quality-grade motor oil, made from the highly refined paraffinic base. It is particularly suited for high-performance petrol, diesel and turbocharged passenger cars, four-wheel-drive vehicles and light vans.


  • Dependable all year round engine protection
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Produced with a unique formulation which prevents deposit formation and protects the engine against soot build-up for prolonged engine life maximisation and engine durability
  • High Oxidation resistance and long oil life
Asha crest
Hd premium

Asha HD Premium

Asha HD Premium is a top-quality, super high-performance multi-grade diesel specially formulated to provide the ultimate all-round performance in diesel engines


  • Ultimate protection, ultimate performance
  • Advanced additive cutting edge technology for ultimate mechanical load carrying capability and outstanding wear under all operating conditions
  • Extended oil drain capability
  • Low emission technology

Asha Xtra

Asha Xtra is a high-quality mono-grade oil for both petrol and Diesel engines operating under moderate to severe service condition. It is suitable for turbocharged passenger cars, pickups, light vans and four-wheel drive vehicles, including those with advanced modern technology.


  • Excellent chemical stability that prevents ring sticking and minimises fuel and oil consumption
  • All year round engine protection in normal operating conditions
  • Provides excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection for engines with reduced emission
  • High Oxidation resistance and long oil life
Asha xtra
Asha trans

Asha Trans

Asha Trans is a premium transmission fluid, developed to meet the requirements of General Motors Dextron IIID. It is suitable for most automatic power steering units and certain hydraulic systems.


  • Friction modified medium for reliable, trouble-free automatic transmission and power steering systems
  • Excellent shear stability and protection against wear and long component life
  • Excellent resistance to foaming
  • Excellent low-temperature properties
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