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Asharami People

How We Recruit

Experienced Professionals
Experienced Professionals

There is a constant evolution in Asharami Synergy Plc. We evolve as our businesses grow and progress into the next stages of maturity. We are constantly on the lookout for adaptable, collaborative, connected and empowered professionals who want to build a legacy and make an unforgettable impact in the business.

Graduate Hires
Graduate Hires

The professional and personal qualities needed to optimize the Asharami career experience require tenacity, dynamism and a sense of adventure. A cross-section of our employees will reveal that we have a rich network of future leaders, innovators, dreamers, doers, and the strong willed.

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Our People

In Asharami Synergy, our people are the greatest and most valuable resource–talented, exceptional and committed to the growth of the organization across locations and in all spheres. We celebrate our diversity, zeal and enthusiasm brought into the organization by the professional workforce.

We ensure adequate policies and programs are in place to foster an enabling work environment free from segregation, prejudice and any form of discrimination.


  • How can I verify that my CV has been received?

    After submitting your application for a job you should receive an email immediately confirming that your application has been received. If, after 48 hours, you have still not received the email confirmation: Check your junk email or spam email folder. Check that the email address that you used for the application process was the correct one. If you are still experiencing issues, please send a mail to recruiter@sahara-group.com

  • What happens after I submit my CV?

    As soon as we receive your résumé, it will be reviewed by the Human Resources team. If there is a suitable vacancy for your profile, we will contact you. If there are no vacancies available, it will remain in our database for future opportunities.

  • What Qualities do you look for in a candidate?

    We look for a range of technical skills and qualifications plus great initiative, communication and team- working skills, and the ability to inspire others. For senior and managerial positions, you’ll need proven leadership skills. Our values - Integrity, Determination, Excellence & Discipline - define what we expect from our employees and what we aspire to as an organization.

  • Can pre-NYSC graduates apply?

    No, all applicants must have completed the mandatory National Service or have an exemption certificate.

  • Is there a diversity and inclusion policy?

    We are committed to a culture of diversity at Sahara Group. It helps us attract, develop and retain outstanding talent – regardless of background. Our selection and assessment processes are free from bias or discrimination. Everyone is given access to opportunities within the organization.

For further questions and enquiries, please contact us and you will be sure to get a prompt response.

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